"An extraordinary tale.... richly woven...[with] dogged reporting.... Like all good business stories, Billion Dollar Whale is bigger than the immediate one it tells. It is a story of emerging markets crippled by corruption and cronyism and comes from the era of egregious--and mostly punishment-free--banking.... One thing is clear. If ever Hollywood gets round to telling the story on screen, here is perfect material for the script." — Financial Times

"A juicy and entertaining tale of crime and deception for all collections." — Library Journal Review ★ Starred Review

 "Wall Street Journal correspondents Wright and Hope transform their investigation of a mind-boggling financial fraud into a nonfiction thriller tracking the rise and fall of Jho Low, the alleged mastermind of a multi-billion-dollar scam." — Publishers Weekly ★ Starred Review 

“What a blast to read! A true life thriller that reads like a Hollywood movie, Billion Dollar Whale traces the exploits of the most mercurial, mysterious big player in history. Jho Low is Gatsby with twice the bank account and ten times the ambition, and the stories surrounding his exploits leap right off the page!” — Ben Mezrich, New York Times-bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down The House

"Wright and Hope deliver a scintillating and prodigiously reported tale of globe-spanning modern Gatsby and his audacious fraud."  — Jesse Eisinger, Pulitzer Price-winning reporter for ProPublica and author of The Chickenshit Club

"Billion Dollar Whale does more than dissect a financial fraud of epic proportions; it takes the reader on a fascinating journey inside the heart of a con that was years in the making. Wright and Hope show how perception becomes reality in the hands of a consummate financial illusionist. Billion Dollar Whale proves once again that truth is stranger than fiction." — Gregory A. Coleman, retired FBI Special Agent; Case Agent, "Wolf of Wall Street" Investigation

"Even the most skilled fiction writer would have trouble conjuring the corrupt and colorful protagonist of Billion Dollar Whale. Bradley Hope and Tom Wright's gripping portrait of Jho Low and his enablers throughout the global financial system will both fascinate and enrage you." — Sheelah Kolhatkar, staff write at The New Yorker and New York Times bestselling author of Black Edge

"The story of a massive international financial scandal... As the authors amply prove, the scandal reaches far beyond Low. To succeed, he relied on the naivete, greed, and generally immoral conduct of huge banks as well as corrupt governments." — Kirkus

"Well-researched and well-documented.... Reveals how Low used a bag of tricks, including financial fraud, to make himself seem more powerful, more influential, and more successful than he actually was... This is a must-read." — Booklist

Business Book of the Year 2018 longlist — Financial Times & McKinsey

"Gripping.... The heist of the century." ― Axios

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