CNBC, September 18, 2018

Wall Street Journal reporters Tom Wright and Bradley Hope join 'Squawk Box' to discuss "Billion Dollar Whale", their book on how Malaysian businessman Jho Low managed to pull off one of the largest financial heists in history.

CNN, September 19, 2018

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak is arrested. But where is his co-conspirator, the Billion Dollar Whale?

AM to DM by BuzzFeed, September 19, 2018

Tom Wright and Bradley Hope sit down with BuzzFeed to discuss the Billion Dollar Whale.

Yahoo Finance, September 21, 2018

Tom Wright talks to Yahoo Finance about the three-year journey to tell the story of corruption related to the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund.

Slate Money, September 22, 2018

Tom Wright talks to the Slate Money podcast team about the Billion Dollar Whale. Listen to the podcast below if you are interested in the global context that allowed Jho Low to get away with one of the largest ever financial heists.

Radio NZ, September 22, 2018

Listen to Tom Wright's chat with Kim Hill on Saturday Morning from Radio NZ.

CNBC, September 26, 2018

Tom Wright, the author of "Billion Dollar Whale," discusses the financial exploits and psyche of Jho Low, a businessman accused of stealing from a Malaysian state investment fund.


Asia Business First Podcast, September 28, 2018

Tom Wright, co-author of Billion Dollar Whale, discusses what motivates Jho Low, who allegedly stole billions from 1MDB and fooled the world.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, October 2, 2018

Tom Wright talks to ABC News on the Billion Dollar Whale and 1MDB scandal.

CNBC, November 13, 2018

Tom Wright joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss how Goldman Sachs could fare after getting caught in the crosshairs of the 1MDB scandal.

CNBC, December 17, 2018

Tom Wright, Wall Street Journal reporter and author of "Billion Dollar Whale," discusses Malaysia filing criminal charges against Goldman Sachs.